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The Drone Regatta Foundation was established to provide financial assistance for environmental research, sea rescue and a school education program to raise awareness of marine ecology, pollution and alternative energy.


The Foundation will be hosting an annual charity race across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money and awareness of these causes. The race is open to designers and builders of unmanned, wind and solar powered aqua drones.

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We hope that the annual race will also encourage the development of new design and power capture technology and prepare us all for the inevitable transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources.

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Please come and support us either by volunteering or sponsoring our annual race.

A major focus of the charity is sea rescue. The intention is to use the aqua drones mainly for sea searches and to provide early assistance with life rafts or essential supplies that would be carried on board. The low cost of producing these vessels means that they could be left to semi-autonomously monitor a sector of the worlds oceans as ‘eco sentinels’.
We envisage a future where all powered ocean craft will be propelled by solar and wind power. Some of the larger container ships can use 225 tons of fuel per day.
The Foundation will be available to provide financial assistance to marine environmental projects that can be shown to improve the state of the oceans or the welfare of marine life.
The Foundation will be available for presentations to any interested community groups. It would welcome any schools that might wish to help their students understand the marine environment, alternative energy and the risks involved in marine logistics and transportation,

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The Atlantic Crossing

The annual aqua drone charity race.
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The drones are supplied for free by EcoSat Drones Ltd., a startup technology company based in London, United Kingdom.

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